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Music Projects


 2022, Time after time, we always look back and realise that we are the result of our history. In the A-S project, the guitarist and composer Antonio g-serna takes a look at the music that was part of our past and is still alive in our present.


Yalya - Fin.jpg

Yalya was founded in 2018 by the Spanish guitarist and composer Antonio G-Serna with the collaboration of different musicians or dancers: the jazz flutist Isabelle Roberti, the folk violinist Anouk Sanczuk (, the multi-instrumentaliste Manuel Sanchez ( ), the contemporany danser Sara Olmo, the flamenco singer Juan Torres...The project blends in with Flamenco traditional music with modern elements and genres, especially folk, jazz and other types of music.


Oleando was founded in 2011 in Brussels by Antonio Garcia-Serna (composition and flamenco guitar) and Javier Mateos Arévalo (arrangements and flute). Their aim was to explore the borders between traditional Spanish folk music and Flamenco, and melting them with a language inspired by 'new' music and jazz.


Sambalaya was founded in 2003 in Madrid (Spain) by Antonio G-Serna  (guitar), Rodrigo Alcidex (piano, flute, trumpet), Miguel Barez (guitar), Alba de Pablo (Bass), Daniel Escribano (percussion) and Paloma(voice). They performed shows between 2003 and 2005.This musical work was the fruit of many researches between brazilian music, rumba and rock.

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